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Top Zombie Survival Workout Games

If you want to acquire certain skills for preparing yourself for the end of the world, you can check out the following Top Zombie Survival Workout Games. This way you can test yourself for your capabilities and at the same time you can learn more about survival strategies.

Zombie Games

Day Z

This game takes place after an unknown infection has contaminated the whole population of the world and you happen to be one of the survivors. You can work solo or with other players and decide if you wish to save humanity or not. This game doen’t offer your any tutorials or assistance. In fact, here you have no second chances or extra lives. For example, if you die, you lose everything. In this game you can hardly find any resources, so the game’s crafting system is the key to survival. Moreover, you need to utilize whatever you find, in order to survive. All items and equipment can be improved or made into something else. Keep in mind also that resources are very scarce and you need to have a great deal of customization option in this game; clothing and weapons are fully customizable and can provide you with protection of the environment or other survivors who are infected. In addition, some of the planned features include user mods, updated graphic, vehicles and wild life.

7 Days To Die

This game takes place after the fall of civilization. The main features of the game here are cities, cave and the wild life. You need to search for abandoned cities or take to the wilderness, in order to find supplies to build your tools and weapons or shelters. Keep in mind though that in this game anything can be destroyed and scarped for resources. In addition, in this game you can take a friend on your side if you want to increase your chances of survival. This way you’ll be able to create more easily shelters or weapons. Remeber that if a building is unstable it can fall apart and can kill you. You can hunt animals or start growing plants and complete missions. This game also offers you full character customization with customizable features, like hair or eyes.

Goat Z

Goat Z is another amazing game of the top zombie survival workout games. Here you get to explore the large DLC map. Here eating is very important, because if you don’t eat something every 5 minutes, the game will be over. Zombie goats like eating lit campfires and porcelain toilets. In this play, zombies can get stuck by running in place and bumping your goat into them may send them flying away. The DLC can offer you a lot of unlockables. In fact you can get different goats that have unique powers. They can also have different weapons, like a shortgun that fires gumballs.

Resident Evil 5
In this shooting game the Umbrella Corporation’s lethal viruses have been destroyed or contained, but this time you have to face a new dangerous threat. After surviving the events in the Raccoon City, Chris, a member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, is trying to find the ones that created bio-organic weapons and begins his investigations. In this game you can use a number of weapons in this game, like automatic rifles and handguns. Keep in mind that wounding an enemy with a firearm often causes him to stagger; if you are in close range, an icon will pop up, which will appear with the option of a melee attack. You can also make some great turns of 180 degree to evade your enemies.